"Here's the thing...."
Alex Corea is the host and head writer on The Attack. He also hosts the podcast Talk Attack and appears on several other Attack shows.



He has appeared on nearly every episode of The Attack, the only exceptions being episodes 63, 71, 141, and 254.

He's featured in the attkAlex emote.

The Attack was originally created with the intention of it being "Alex's baby." Until recently, there was no team of writers behind the show, just Alex bouncing ideas off of the rest of the staff. He is the creative heart and soul of the show and is the hardest-working person in the studio. The Attack fam gives Alex a hard time because he's an easy target and because it's hilarious, but we all love him for all that he does for the show and for us. Just don't ever let him know it!


There, now that that's out of the way, here's an alternate article that's safe to show him:

Alex Corea is the twiggy, nasal-voiced, chronically undersexed large boy son host of The Attack. He bills himself as a "gaming expert" but is terrible at games and we suspect he's only saying he likes them to further his career. He has a horrible habit of saying "here's the thing" and "uuuuuuuuuh" and never lets anyone finish a sentence, ever.

He has bad teeth and terrible fashion sense.