"I'm a blonde, long-haired, bearded lady!"
The Attack episode 185 aired on 17 August 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and a rotating cast of cohosts.

The originally scheduled cohost for the episode was Zack Pearlman, but he was called away on business and had to leave 2 hours prior to the start of the show. Left without a cohost, the spot was filled by members of the staff picked at random by spinning the prize wheel.

Alex's mom, dad, and brother Brian were in the studio!

Coral helped Alex do the beginning of the show. Joey and Amy helped out with The Pile.


Alex showed Amy a reel of his stunt work the Mario Bros. movie, a Banjo Kazooie movie, and a Halo movie, but they were all the same footage of a dummy hitting the ground. Mike dressed as Amy for some reason.

The wheel chose Jeremy as the next host, and he punched Alex, as per tradition.

Alex revealed that he has a dog chew toy stuck in his body. Somewhere.


Jeremy and Alex played a round of Overwatch IRL. Since Jeremy played as Winston, he would be shocked every time he died. Alex played as the floating Zenyatta, and every time he died he would be subjected to a giant wedgie machine (an engine lift hooked to his boxers). Jeremy lost, but then gave Alex a wedgie anyway.

Sarah jumped in to host. Nice Assets featured video edits by KevCap and Jason Woot.

Bernardo took a turn to host and told some bad pun jokes. He was quickly replaced by Mayron. Alex made Mayron a Tinder profile live on the show!

Dylan the camera guy came out to answer TPOTSWIC questions, and Yaniv came out to help Alex thank the subs and resubs.