"I have delightfully tiny nipples." -Alex
Attack episode 220 aired on December 2, 2016. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.

Erin was confused by the similarities between Mafia 3 and Grand Theft Auto, which is fair, really. She also declared her undying love for Jason, which is disturbing, really. Then she made some very inappropriate comments about the kids in the Peanuts comics.

Alex and Erin were underwhelmed by the latest Breath of the Wild trailer.

Alex swung his baby nephew around by a rope to quiet its crying, but the rope broke. Alex was more concerned about the rope than the baby. Then Erin stuffed the dead baby under her shirt because she is a woman and she can do anything.

Nick presented an Attack on Final Fantasy XV.

Alex and Erin competed in a Final Fantasy IRL challenge called Final Fantasy Fast: 2Fast 2Fantasy. They had 90 seconds to change their clothes into Final Fantasy characters' clothes. Then they fished and cooked like in the game, and then pushed a car across the studio. Alex put the E brake on in the car and tricked Erin into thinking she was a super weakling. Then Los came in and overcame the brakes with is monsterous strength.

Streams of the Week featured:

  • Day9, who spilled a glass of water on his keyboard, and on a separate occasion poured coffee on his keyboard.
  • TheAttack, for Alex's record-breaking Yeah Boy. Because it was disputed, Alex changed it to "longest time not being relevant on Twitch"
  • An unnamed streamer, who used profanity as an art form when she got a donation.
  • Another unnamed streamer, who did a great vape trick.

Erin took exception to the trick and did a better one:she blew a vape cloud into the camera and turned into Jason!!!