Synth.test() is a Cyberpunk RPG show that airs weekly on The Attack's Twitch channel. The Master of Ceremonies (GM) is Nick Limon, with players Coral Frederick, Jason Spence, Erin Steeby, and Joey Thimian. The game employs The Sprawl RPG system (which uses the Apocalypse World engine), set in the far future of Earth at a time when the line between human and machine has become blurred, poverty and classism are widespread, and giant mega-corporations hold the world in an iron grip.

The show is a spiritual successor to Let's Do It On The Table.

Characters Edit

F.R.E.D. (Jason) - Killer - A mystery even to himself, F.R.E.D. is more bionic than organic. A ruthless mercenary with a tortured past that he can't remember. LOVES cheese.

Niko Hinge (Coral) - Hunter - A Russian ex-corporate spy who was blacklisted after a political incident. Her upper-class past lends her a prim and proper demeanor that belies her current station as a freelance hunter on the streets.

Natasha Humphreys (Erin) - Reporter - An English reporter for the giant media conglomerate Uniluxe. Frustrated by the political trappings of her job, she cares more about breaking the story than protecting special interests.

Tango Malvo (Joey) - Pusher - A famous counterculture figure who positions himself as a champion of the lower class, but only for the purpose of serving his own lofty ambition.

Setting Edit

The game is set in the far-future country of New Arab Emirates, encompassing much of the Arabian peninsula. It is bordered on the west by a "desert" of Gray Goo, self-replicating nanobots that destroy, consume, and assimilate everything they come in contact with. The desert is held at bay by massive (corporate-controlled) radio frequency emitters.

Corporations Edit

The world of the game is utterly dominated by vast multinational corporations, also known as zaibatsu. While each one has a certain specialty, the sheer size of their operations mean that they have interests across all parts of the socio-political spectrum. Among the largest ones operating in the New Arab Emirates are:

Gungir Defense Systems - a defense contractor specializing in security personnel and weapons research and manufacturing

VitaCorp - A pharmaceutical company specializing in the integration of bionics with humans. It is suspected that they accidentally caused the grey "desert" crisis on the Arabian peninsula.

Teet - A food production company which holds a monopoly on an infant formula called M1LK that prepares the body to receive cybernetic implants. A huge contributor to the "haves" and "have-nots" nature of society.

Uniluxe - A massive media company with a stranglehold on nearly every sector of media from advertisement to children's entertainment to music to pornography. Useful to any interest with a message to spread.

SM;)E - A technical support company specializing in correcting problems with cybernetic implants that can cause hallucinations.... or for the right price, causing them.

Episodes Edit

Ep Air Date Description VOD
1 14 Nov 2017 "Vaya Con Dios, part 1" The party is tasked with finding and retrieving a missing woman who has fallen in with a religious group that is not what it seems to be. [x]
2 28 Nov 2017 "Vaya Con Dios, part 2" F.R.E.D. is locked in a shipping crate inside a SM;)E facility. The rest of the party infiltrate the facility with the help of a mysterious fast-talking agent named Dirk Megabyte (played by Alex Corea). [x]